reporting from peru

I´ve been staying in Peru these past few days trying to figure when I can find a writing hole/escape in Lima, and so far Barranco seems the most fun. Why? There´s a cluster of all types there, thiefs, rich, tourists, weirdos, sex addicts, various generation, denominations, immigrants, artists, clowns, and finally damn good sea food. […]

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My Useless English Major

As Dave Chapelle once joked, “Haters gonna to hate, lovers gonna love–” …I’ll stop right there. Why did you major in English? Everybody in the world is going to speak English someday! What a useless major! Blah blah, and so on it goes like this. It’s not just random people who give me the inquisitive […]

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Welcome to 2014!

The New Year! A metaphorical station in life where you can feel like you can start anew and everything in the last unlucky numbered year DOES NOT count. It just doesn’t! That terrible date you went on with that guy who ended up asking you for gas money – Forget about it! The money you […]

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Interesting Tales From PERÚ

Hi Blog Land. I’m just got back from visiting family in Perú. Last time I was here, I went to Cuzco and had me quite the adventure. This time around, I spent it helping my family with work, with their children, and well … I spent most of it inside my grandmother’s house. Which has […]

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The New Yorker

Dear people in blog land. I am back in Los Angeles, and I survived two flight connections this past Saturday. I’m not going to lie, it was absolutely BRUTAL—mainly because I am still getting over a cold. It’s been a week and a half, but that’s my fault. Would you allow a cold stop you […]

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Licking Blood

For those of you who don’t know me personally (i.e. all of you in blog land), I like to volunteer. That’s right! I like to get my hands dirty every now and then to give back to communities I feel have enriched my life. BUT this is not a post about me trying to be […]

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