The Wall of Shame

Well Blog Land, I am going to enter this writing competition for television, and I have on idea what’s going to happen, and it’s frightening, and I wish the aliens could send me a computable signal that could make this script any good, and I wish my dialogue could improve, and I hate this feeling […]

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Dear Blog-Land, I have learned a valuable lesson this fall. One must never hide their true emotions and feelings. One must always express what they truly feel without fear. Even if it means it will hurt someone else for a little bit. It’s always better to be honest than to keep things hidden. Hurt is […]

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Writing Partnership Part 2

Dearest Writers in Blog Land, A few days ago I posted about being contacted by a person who would like to work with me in a project; better known as the writing partnership. I met him today. Turns out, he’s Peruvian, an engineer, and an inventor—but he hates the process of writing. English was his […]

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Applying for Jobs

Reader, I am sure you have applied for a job before. Question: (ahem), when in your whole life has applying for a job  been a wonderful experience? Never, right? Let’s be serious. It’s tedious, you have to tell a complete stranger how great you are, and that you like to work like a mule, and […]

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Avoid it.

I was going to avoid writing about this. I tried starting this post a few times, and ended up deleting it over and over again. I have a need to express something, but I don’t know if it’s valid or even permissible. I’m babbling, and that’s because I’m nervous. So maybe I’ll just express myself […]

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