Bubbly toes

I just came back from dancing with friends. Oy. I don’t remember dancing out at night being such a difficult ordeal. First of all, I decided to become their wing woman for the night. Since I already have a boo and all. So I sit with them, and what’s the first thing these 30-something ladies […]

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Hippity Hop

So I am trying this new thing where I take dance classes I normally wouldn’t, in order to challenge my thought process and therefore, eventually, ignite some brain power in me that could possibly develop telekinesis, or better yet — improve my memory. The telekinesis thing would be a plus. Anyways a few days ago […]

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Falling Awake

I seem to be under the impression that dreaming is more interesting than life, today. Thrice did I return to slumber! I didn’t want to move my limbs, I just wanted to go back to the picnic in my head. It was a glorious dream. Fantasies, fairies and farts kind of dream. Ephemeral. Yet now […]

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