I am trying to be better about deadlines. Tomorrow night, the pre-final draft of my play is due. I think I may also submit a couple of more pieces just to throw it in the mix. Writing original comedy is a scary new thing for me. Earlier in the summer I did an episode of […]

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The Clown

I was in the bathroom doing my business and thinking about death, as I sometimes do when I am in a vulnerable position. I washed my hands and looked in the mirror; I stared at my aging face. In just a few months…31. Wow, time flies. I traced the sleep mark that was still on my face. A small […]

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Hurricane Sandy…(aliens)

Blog Land, I am stuck indoors. My flight, that was supposed to fly me back to sunny California, got cancelled. I am keeping busy with editing work, whilst catching up on some Netflix shows and flicks with my boss lady. This trip to New York has been a great experience, but, as many  of you […]

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