I am entering into a new art form (for me) called WEBISODES. I am a bit startled and intrigued by the idea of it. Thankfully, I have a hip new young friend who is going to serve as my co-writer, co-director collaborator person on this project. I am super excited to be part of this. I personally feel I work better with other folk, so it’s a bit exciting for me.

To prepare, I shared my webisode with a  writer friend, and she said … so yes, this script can be an entire season. Five minute clip webisodes? I suppose our attention span has gotten smaller and smaller. Here’s to mini short stories and Twitter, who have taught me the art of condensation and squeezing meaning into 500 words/140 characters or less.


Real Monsters

There is something in this world that frightens me more than aliens, Blog Land. And that something are people who think they are always right; additionally, the entitlement that comes with this kind of thinking. It is absolutely terrifying to witness in a conversation.

What ever happened to keeping an open mind? What ever happened to listening? What ever happened to common courtesy? Are we all just meant to forget about each other and go about the world saying what’s on our mind without considering (for just one second) that we may be wrong? That we may be seeing it from just one point of view? Are we all just going to eventually accept this way of thinking and procreate to then make talking baby heads possessing no receptive qualities?

When did collaboration and community become boring?!

In the art-world, this makes no sense to me.

Beware–the air–of real monsters — they’re never wrong according to themselves; and since they can’t hear you — they are doomed to believe they are right.

I do believe it to be hereditary.

Beware the heir!