My Useless English Major

As Dave Chapelle once joked, “Haters gonna to hate, lovers gonna love–” …I’ll stop right there. Why did you major in English? Everybody in the world is going to speak English someday! What a useless major! Blah blah, and so on it goes like this. It’s not just random people who give me the inquisitive […]

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Dreaming Big

Lately I’ve been allowing myself to dream big. This is because I feel like a wave of change is around the corner. Change is coming and no matter how much I drag my feet, and try to think about all the horrible things that can happen it will still creep into my life.  I know […]

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Broken, Burned, and Bolted

I was walking back to my friend’s apartment, ready to call it a day, when all of a sudden I see a strange looking building to my right. It was gated and there was a distinct darkness looming around it. I take out my camera and snap some pictures. UNSAFE. With half of the roof […]

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