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I have a younger sister who lives in Los Angeles. Well actually we’re from the San Fernando Valley; a hot place to live. But she currently resides in Temple City. Anyways, sometimes we write each other to keep in touch. Usually we gossip about family or talk about our future as granny’s touring some obscure […]

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The Boy’s Okay…

I met him two nights ago, a writer who wanted feedback. 2 hours in: She talked his ear off about how he should write his play. She said all the things that came to her mind and even allowed herself to retract what she wanted to say — all in all to help him with […]

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Real Monsters

There is something in this world that frightens me more than aliens, Blog Land. And that something are people who think they are always right; additionally, the entitlement that comes with this kind of thinking. It is absolutely terrifying to witness in a conversation. What ever happened to keeping an open mind? What ever happened to […]

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Womyn’s Day

Well today is international women’s day and I feel pretty special…kind of. Okay, to be honest, I didn’t really try to do anything special, except have a huge umami burger in the evening. That counts, right? Whatever, it was pretty fracking awesome. I spent most of today in bed actually — watching my new obsession: House […]

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MIDNIGHT POST 4 aka Self-esteem

Bloggers of the WordPress World, I have a confession.  Sometimes, I doubt myself. Sometimes, I doubt my art. I doubt myself to a point when I start to think negative thoughts, like: LIS MORENO = FRAUD. There I am, sharing something insightful about a personal experience that enhanced by art when all of a sudden […]

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Dear Artist

Dearest, You interesting, colorful, humorous, strange, introverted, son of a queen—I am in love with your world. You see order in chaos, and lines in your zig zags. You, speaker of the now, living in the future and avoiding the rejections of the past—strong individual— you: you are my enemy and my friend. Collector of […]

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