Raining in Los Angeles

Although I am working remotely for two companies (PT) … technically, I am still unemployed in Los Angeles. I’ve reached otu to some potential gigs, but have been debating if whether my next step is work — or travel/work. The company I recently applied to (and was hoping to get a bite from) recently laid off a surmountable amount of people…and I’m like, is that a sign? The temp work with my friend and her dog was just not the place for me, and the film/tv industry is rapidly changing. YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and other online sources have become THE places to receive and try out new forms of entertainment. From television shows, to programs made for some of these online networks exclusively, and everyone in the industry — from P.A. to talent are trying to adapt to this new found way of entertaining the public.

And again, what about the writer? Before leaving for the Bay Area, I worked at a studio and witnessed a Writer’s Strike. It was kind of scary. Storytellers refusing to write, studios not giving up funds for creatives, and all the other technicalities that come with the contract: distribution rights, titles, royalties, etc. etc. etc.

So where does a writer who was raised in LA, left for Bay Area schooling, and is now BACK in LA  fit in?

I can dwell in the dark abyss, but really — this is also an opportunity to return to my writing. With this extra time, I can go back to my unfinished projects – polish them to get them up and running.

Also–I hereby offer my services to:

  • musicians (I writer lyrics!)
  • writers who need an assistant
  • creative writing groups that need a facilitator

I have to think of more (fun) things to do (potential work?) … but this list will do for now.

It’s raining in LA, and all I can do is drink this weak instant coffee and eat my 2 day old birthday cake. Sigh.