The fly, it stared at me

Dear Blog Land, Today a fly landed on my backpack strap as I played guitar. At first, I tried to blow it away because I felt uneasy with it right in front of me. I mean, the thing didn’t move! It was like stunned or something. I tried scaring it by waving my arms. It […]

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Hippity Hop

So I am trying this new thing where I take dance classes I normally wouldn’t, in order to challenge my thought process and therefore, eventually, ignite some brain power in me that could possibly develop telekinesis, or better yet — improve my memory. The telekinesis thing would be a plus. Anyways a few days ago […]

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HARLEM Halloween

I’ve been indoors for the past three days. Editing and writing to my California employers so that I won’t get fired. Hurricane Sandy came full force and stopped my plans, but New York has been nice to me. I love it here. The people, the food, the culture, the different languages, the surviving accents, the […]

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Little Guitar Moments

I have a little guitar that I like to twang on when I am feeling low and confused about an emotion or a situation in life. I pick up the guitar, a piece of a paper, and a pen READY to write the next 90’s version of something heart felt. Something that can strike a […]

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Bastille July 14, 2012

On July 14th I spooned with hundreds of people, and it was not the sexy kind of spooning, either. After the Bastille celebration in Paris, crowds were forced into into a small street corner entering the single functioning Metro for the evening. We were sardined, stuffed, and breathing each other’s wine and fromage breath. We were […]

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Creaky Homes and Cheeky Dogs

Interesting People Doggy Post Meet Dingo and Chavo. How did I meet them, you ask? Well, through a really great friend in Berkeley. She asked if I wanted to house sit for her, and I said yes. I’ll be honest, the news earlier this week had me a bit down. But on Thursday when my […]

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Witchy-POO Lady

I was out late last Friday night. Partying and pigging out on fries with some new people I had just met at a bar. It was a typical beer, pool table, and small talk kind of a night. Except for one thing, the old couple in the center of the hall dancing to Hot In Herre […]

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