No journal, no gold

Well Blog Land, I did not have the heart to NOT talk to my mother on Father’s Day – as it seemed she was having a hard time telling from one person to the next due to her already peaked anxiety of, you know – being brown and with an accent in this country. So, […]

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Turkey Day Inspiration

Thanksgiving came and went here in my new little Oakland pad. We were so busy looking up recipes and making a huge turkey that we didn’t realize we had cooked for over fifteen people. There were only four in attendance: my boyfriend, my sister, and my boo’s friend from Albany. We chowed down to some […]

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Going Mad in a CAFÉ

I’m in a café trying to edit some footage. I had to come out of my little hole in the wall apartment. Going a little crazy being indoors nowadays. My sassy Ecuadorian friend came out with me because she has a French exam this coming Friday. We are both nervous about our deadlines. She’s working […]

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Vegas Bound

Tomorrow my family is going to wake up at 4:00am to make a four hour drive to Las Vegas, Nevada. My grandpa (who’s in town just for the holidays) picked Vegas over Disneyland.    I respect his decision, but I worry about the effect Sin City will have on him. He’s 78. The man has […]

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How did you Thanksgiving go? I hope well. My Thanksgiving was filled of drama, suspense, passion, confusion, and hypocrisy. Why?    Because after twenty-one years of being apart, my grandfather and mother finally saw each other. It was a great, and all the drama in my family was unleashed in three days of remembering and […]

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