Little to know, much to now

The more I encounter and speak with published, or even successful television writers. The more I realize that it’s just a jungle out there. It’s a world where there are so many voices, so many individuals pulling and pushing each other to get their material read. I mean, it’s a frenzy out there. To say that […]

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I am trying to be better about deadlines. Tomorrow night, the pre-final draft of my play is due. I think I may also submit a couple of more pieces just to throw it in the mix. Writing original comedy is a scary new thing for me. Earlier in the summer I did an episode of […]

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Writing it down raw

It’s strange, but the more writing classes I take…the more confused I get about the act and structure of writing. It seems that the science has taken over my style…and voice. How do I get my rawness back after grinding the laws into my head? I feel like before – I knew how to naturally make […]

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I am entering into a new art form (for me) called WEBISODES. I am a bit startled and intrigued by the idea of it. Thankfully, I have a hip new young friend who is going to serve as my co-writer, co-director collaborator person on this project. I am super excited to be part of this. […]

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art / ART MAKING / ARTist

I have a younger sister who lives in Los Angeles. Well actually we’re from the San Fernando Valley; a hot place to live. But she currently resides in Temple City. Anyways, sometimes we write each other to keep in touch. Usually we gossip about family or talk about our future as granny’s touring some obscure […]

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Americano, you keep me up

…and now I have to write something to mellow me down. I’ll write a ridiculous story for fun. This story is inspired by: my inability to go to sleep, MailChimp monkey, and a pink sweater. The Disapproving Monkey There is a disapproving monkey on my front steps and he won’t leave me alone. He nags at […]

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Ladies in Guitar Stores

Today I strolled about a Guitar Center and as I walked in an older musician like gent said to me, “Can I help you with something?” I replied, “I’m just going to stroll around.” He smiled at me at said, “Why don’t you go find something in there, buy it, go home and start making […]

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