Sobre Yo/About Me

I am considerably the most selfish person I know, but this is a secret to most everyone. The fact that I have sleepy eyes helps conceal this fact about me. Most of my friends think I am their mother because I am considerate, and I am just like – is chivalry dead? This blog is also a secret, in a way, of things I would like to discuss openly in writing circles, but would probably be told to shut it and get back to the craft. I just happen to believe that complaining is part of the process. Or at least it is for me. It might be because I come from a long line of Peruvian women who were forced to do things that they didn’t want to. I have a built up rebellion in me from all of them ladies. Good luck lovers!

To the gist: this blog is diary about stuff I see and hear that inspire me to write. As much as I’d like to pretend that I can someday be a comedian, not all of my entries are ha-ha funny. Some of them are like – What did I just read? But if you want to give me feedback it’s totally welcomed too. My entries can also provide some writing exercises for the weird and curious. Stuff that might help you think outside of the box. Mostly, it’s just rants about interesting people and me trying to get back on my A-Game. Whatever that may be.

Anything is up for discussion: drama, television, lovers, aliens, friends, bodily functions, movies, strangers, family, the blues, travel, adulthood, childhood, and of course food.

I named this site OATMEAL & ART because I consider those two things necessary in my life. One for the fiber and the other for the soul. That’s what life is all about after all: responsibilities and fun…and if you’re lucky, little to no constipation in your body and creative mind.





What are your thoughts?

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