Get off my lawn!

So now I have my own little office here in this home my boyfriend and I have. Pure luck. Don’t ask. I no longer have an excuse to not do something. I met one of our neighbors today, his name I cannot repeat online because frankly, I cannot remember. He was walking his dog, and when I asked what breed it was he named about seven different genres…that’s what you say, right? Genres? I really don’t know right now. My brain is fried.

Well now that I no longer live in an apartment building, but in an actual (neighbor)hood – I will be supplied with endless stories about the weirdos all around me. I count myself in that total. Already one of the people next door was walking on my lawn like a skinny Big Foot sighting, I saw him in the corner of my eye and followed his gaze like a cheetah waiting to pounce. I walked to my front door, opened the door, the gate, and followed him with my eyes until he disappeared down the street to the very convenient restaurant bar a few blocks up.

I held the urge to scream out, “GET OFF MY LAWN!” Though part of me really wanted to do it. I cannot really blame the man. The house had been empty for a month, so our lawn had been serving as a short cut for most locals. We are letting the grass brown, because you know – California. And the final reason why I cannot get angry with the man is because…well, the house looks slightly abandoned on the outside.

But hey! Fixer-uppers are my kind of thing nowadays. I’ve done it with relationships and now with a home. Time to get to work. Plus, with this little office I can literally shut the world out and escape in my own world and not worry about…well, much of anything.

The trick is, pretending I don’t have wifi. I’m obviously failing at this rule right now.

Tootles writers of the world. May the keypad be by your side…always.

PS – I think the next door neighbors own a peacock. Is that legal? :/


5 thoughts on “Get off my lawn!

    1. I see, so this is a trend. I swear I thought there was a cat being murdered under our house the other night…but it turned out to be the peacock expressing itself. Glad it’s legal.


      1. Ha, wow – the things we learn! Thanks for the info. I now have more sympathy for the bird, as I believe him to be alone next door. We are close to some parks…you never know. He might get lucky someday.

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