Karaoke with Family

So yesterday I braved a karaoke night my family. I had not hung out with them since…2011 or 2012? I mean, not the way we did last night. We started with Cards Against Humanity and worked our way up to karaoke singing after a few drinks. It was awful. I mean, I could tell we had a little too much to drink when I sung “Redneck Woman” and my cousin swayed side to side like she was hearing some Celine Dion ballad. I was like, how did I get here?

Anyways, I look around the room and I realize that we are all at least in our 30s; except for my sister who is hanging on to her 20s by a thread and a small cousin who I grew up with but babysat when she was 5. She was glued to her phone.

And I thought to myself. Is this it? Is this what fun amounts to now for people my age?

One of the old family friends fell asleep on the couch while her husband butchered Ol’ Blue Eye’s “Come Fly With Me.” She snored, and my cousin explained that she works as an accountant and has been doing people’s taxes all day.

I held onto my beer, and silently sat in the corner thinking…wow, we’re here now. This is where we are. And you know what? It feels damn good. It feels good to be this age. And for this reason, more than any other, it is at this age when you stop giving a crap about what people are thinking or saying about YOU.

I don’t know if you’ve gone through this Blog Land, but in your 20s — man, it can be a pretty awful sometimes. You want to make sure people are having fun. You stress about every little detail. Oh, what am I wearing tonight?! Do we have enough dip for the chips?!  On top of everything else, you have to smile and pretend that the world is your oyster, when maybe you’re holding in a fart, or your secretly trying to stuff a brownie into your mouth because you were too busy putting up decorations to eat a proper meal all day.

In your 30s — you can get away with flipping off your family after their comments about your weight. You can wear yesterday’s t-shirt because it’s game night, not a freaking single-mingle party. If you crash on the couch because of exhaustion, you can be assured that someone won’t be drawing a mustache on your face. Actually, I think that depends on what your family is like and the average maturity level in the room.

But it just felt nice. It felt nice when around 2:30am someone said – Oh my God, it’s 2:30am! Freaking out because we stayed up past midnight. It was like: we did it!

Hilarious. Most of my cousins now with children and jobs, high five each other, hugged, and relished in the off chance that maybe they weren’t all that old, after all. And we’re really not…we’re just tired. At least I hope that’s what this feeling is.

We put the games away, cleaned the bottles off the counter, and made everything look like a regular house by the end of the night. We sighed in relief when we realized, tomorrow is Sunday.

Family, they always provide good material. Try it.

#chaosisgood #ignoranceisbliss


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