Working with friends and their dogs

I may start this new cool hip job in Los Angeles, and I should be excited. Except it means that I will be working under a close friend. A friend who is a supervisor, if you will. And I don’t know how to deal with that. I mean, her dog hates me. It has been proven by the fact that when I was there with her, the dog barked at me non stop. Is that a sign? A sign that I should NOT do it…accept, try—should I defect and let it go telling myself, well at least I can still have a relationship with my pal! Or should I bite the ****** and go for it. Go for this new exciting career change which deals with people pleasing and all the things I love to do.

Last Friday I worked as a temp to help with phones. The day went great. But I have to admit, there’s something insulting when a dog barks at you to leave an office. I was to make the dog comfortable due to its anxiety. You’re lucky I love you, I told the friend.

Is this a risk worth taking? I don’t know. Already my pal told me I will have less time for writing. Sigh. I feel like I’m being sucked away at by some invisible machine that wants me to bend and kneel. What of my writing? WHAT OF IT?!

What of surviving in this world?

What of retirement?

I sip my mango juice by this computer and ponder quietly to myself. Soon it will be time for beer with friends, a chance to escape reality for at least a little bit.

Happy new year Blog Land!


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