The way people react to the person with a cold…

There is a face people give me when I am sick. I find their reactions absolutely fascinating. Sometimes it’s a head tilt to the side and deep sigh as if somehow their sympathy takes over the heaviness of your burden: the mucus and disgusting gross symptoms. “Ooooh…are you sick?” “Oh no, I’m so sorry you’re sick!” I should be in bed. Avoiding these people, but frankly it’s ver interesting to see the various types of reactions. That, and I’m too poor to miss too much work. Have you ever noticed their looks?  Here are some fun expressions and movement I’ve come across:

  • Shocked or surprised bulging eyes; this usually involves some type of hand gesture over the a portion of the face
  • Disgusted; this is quickly followed with a retreat of the hands if not the whole body and a twisted nose or frown
  • Pity; this person likes to go into a passive weight and usually escapes into a daydream of when they were sick –maybe a time during a break up, so they’re suddenly more miserable than you after your interaction
  • Avoidance; the person who pretends you are not there and avoids interacting with you all together

This could be a great short story. Anyone?


What are your thoughts?

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