Welcome to 2014!

My grandmother’s AGUADITO soup and Ceviche. A reason to LIVE!

The New Year! A metaphorical station in life where you can feel like you can start anew and everything in the last unlucky numbered year DOES NOT count. It just doesn’t! That terrible date you went on with that guy who ended up asking you for gas money – Forget about it! The money you let your cousin borrow before he left for Mexico with no word or update on his whereabouts. Forget about it! The extra pounds you gained after your neighborhood opened a new cookies and ice cream place around the corner. Forget about it! The overpriced satin sheets you bought at Bed and Bath thinking it was time to be mature and make a new change to find that have lost it somewhere in your overcrowded closet  —  FORGET ABOUT IT!!! This is no longer about those days, everything is now different because it is now 2014. Can I get a high-five? Ugh, I’m so 90s sometimes. But in all honesty, I had crappy last couple of months in 2013, and it was nobody’s fault but mine. That’s the truth, but it doesn’t change the fact that they were mostly crappy – that is (OF COURSE) until I made my way to South America for December.

Peru in December! I went to see my grammy and the rest of the fam-bam. The trip twas  fun, educational, and wild. But what else to expect from family? I guess since I’m a writer, I am like also the therapist in our family and I learned so much (too much) about my auntie’s sex life. She even modeled one encounter with her baby daddy using a toy from her son’s crib. I have never seen pornography be applied to a plush doll in that way before. I ended up crying from laughter while she demonstrated and her husband turned red from the very vivid descriptions. I also have a new cousin (as a result of her demonstration), and he was pretty awesome. He liked to pretend talk with me, and though most of the time he just ate and farted I knew that deep down inside, he was saying I love you so much cousin! 

I also went to see my uncle’s graveyard, he passed away recently. The family was really sad about the whole thing, and we paid our respects to him. Then looking back at our photos, I realized that the entire family was posing next to the wrong grave. : / We had all, for some reason, gravitated towards some dude’s graveside who had huge balloons and a cup of Cuzqueña beer beside him. We had a good laugh about it. Just another way our ancestors make fun, I suppose.

During the trip, I lost another family member in the states. Man it was a tough December, Reader. I carried on memories of my family, our loss, our memories, our new family members with me when I went over to Brazil.

Brazil shook my spirit up. Salvador, Bahia is no joke. I couldn’t believe the amazing people, the amazing food, the amazing hosts, and the amazing dreams I was having during my stay there. I went through a transformation that was both earthly and spiritual. It was an experience that allowed me to connect with my pain, my desire to learn, my connection with the earth, and with my family. Moreover, I kept being reminded that in the end all that matters is the time you are given and what you make with it. I mean, how are we using our time? Have you asked yourself this?

Are you spending it being angry?

Are you spending your time regretting the what if moments?


Are you leaning over and kissing the one beside you?

Are you listening to your grandmother’s story? I mean, REALLY listening?

Are you reminding yourself of all your blessings? Asset, friends, business, travel experiences, food on the table, etc. etc. etc.

There are miracles everyday really. We just have to open ourselves to them. In Brazil I found out, that they reveal themselves often, but it’s up to us to listen – to open our eyes and to connect the dots. Everywhere we go, there are signs.

I returned home and boom – back to work! Though in all honesty, Reader, I feel as though the magic I was able to encounter in Perú and Brazil is still with me. I may not be a guru, or a priest or anything but I have learned a few things for 2014. You have one life in this realm. One life that you are fully aware of in this moment. One life to remember you as you are right now. What do you want to carry with you in your bag of life? 

Here are some things I don’t want to carry in my bag of life for 2014: meandering without reason, allowing people to say sexist/racist things in my presence, hate towards my soft soft skin, bullying, gossips, damage, rumors, second-guessing, and so much more.

I urge you to check out what you carry with you in your bag of life. The more you make it obvious to you – the more you can control it. Here are things I do want to carry this new year: sunsets, inspiration, laughter, friendship, creativity, good books, bacon cupcakes, forgiveness, family, love letters, saluting my elders and ancestors, and so much more.

But the number one thing I want to do this year is LESS TALKING AND MORE DOING. May you have fantastic adventures this new year, Reader. Write on!


What are your thoughts?

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