I have been casted in a small role in a new play. What does that mean? That means I get to use my writing skills and bring this character to life! Just like Jonathan Franzen does when he’s trying to figure out dialogue between his characters. In fact, that’s something I like to do when I am writing dialogue. Thank you Jr. College and the many theater classes you provided for me. I can say with certainty and confidence, that I am a better writer because of it.

Tonight was my first rehearsal, and I was tossed back to my early tweens when I thought I’d be the next Latina Susan Lucci. Yes, those days when I lived in Los Angeles and spent my after school days watching Passions and judging the Theresa character who seemed to cry in every scene she was in. Man, the older I get–the more I laugh about the things I used to take too seriously. You go Theresa, not everyone can bring out the tears as easily as you. You go/Rock on. Anyways, the way the press/paparazzi deal with certain celebrities these days really freaks me out. For those of you who do it gracefully, kudos to you. As for me, I am enjoying this one little scene with a speaking role. Apparently I’m my character is super peppy and on Prozac. Time to do some research on Prozac. Tonight I just pretended to be a Stepford wife. Interestingly enough the director liked it. Later on I kept playing with the lines on the drive home. I know there’s more to the character than perkiness. Time to bring the pages to life, even if it’s just for a small little role, in a small little scene. Alors! Let’s do this!!!



What are your thoughts?

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