40 Dollar Socks

Interesting Person Post:

Old America type of boy-man trying to figure out the word queer and if…

His manners are matched with his bite.

He was told he looked like Jude Law, but he doesn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen.

A married woman flirts with him.

A divorced woman flirts with him.

The men on his phone flirt with him.

The man in our class flirts with him.

He laughs like Bette Middler and Sheryl Crowe; twang! Come and join!

He crop dusted me yesterday, but thankfully I’m congested with allergies, so I didn’t notice until he said…

He likes fried chicken from KFC. Something we have in common.

He longs for direct, intellectual, and engaging people.

He’s only twenty-two, but sometimes he feels like fifty-six.

His favorite phrase is, “Don’t trip” and he says it when there’s a cop nearby.

He claims he coined that phrase, and for some reason I believe him.

He’s renting a place with two huge dogs. They chewed up his 40 dollar socks. He was very attached to the socks, and it pissed him off.

He’s the most interesting Mid-Western person I have ever met.


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