An Abbreviated Awkward Conversation with My Father Today (His Birthday)

Awkward Family Portraits

<Phone rings> * I secretly hope for voicemail so I can sing him a happy birthday message the way I used to when I was 13, but a las he picks up.

Dad: Lis?

Me: Hi dad!

Dad: How you doing hija?

Me: Good dad, happy birthday!

Dad: Gracias hija. What are you doing?

Me: Working on the computer like always. What are you doing? It’s your big day. 58 huh?

Dad: Just staying at home….yeah, 58.

<Pause 1>

Me: Well, I’m glad you’re okay.

Dad: Thanks.

<Pause 2>

Dad: (cont’d) Are you in San Francisco?

Me: No, I’m still in Utah.

Dad: Oh…

<Pause 3>

Me: Well, we better start planning what you want to do for your 60th, that’s a big celebration! (Slapping my head after realizing it’s two years from now) We should start planning. (Rubbing my eyebrows)

Dad: Haha, okay. Well, thanks for calling.

Me: Okay.

Dad: I have you in my heart, but I don’t call, I know. But you’re always in my heart.

Me: It’s okay. I guess I got that from you. I don’t call either. It’s so unnatural, the phone…

Dad: I know. I love you hija.

Me: Love you too dad.

Dad: Okay, bye bye!

Me: Bye! (He coughs over my bye and I hang up).

I walk up the steps from my basement apartment. My Taiwanese roommates are cooking up a storm. I go to the fridge and grab a beer. Another year. I wonder how I can make up for it next year? Hmmm.


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