Writing Groups and Free Beer

Ladies and Germs of Blog Land I have joined a writing group. It’s going to be quite a task writing with them because most of the time I will be in Utah (for a job) while they meet in the Bay, but if there’s a will there is a way. Right? I sure hope so for the sake of keeping in practice.

I have delved into a project that frightens me. A fantasy project, if you will. I had a dream a few years back about this idea, and now I am going to fulfill it with some help from other sci-fi/fantasy writers. It is part of my years’ goal to challenge myself into writing lighter and funnier things. This is going to be light, funny, and also action-filled…I hope. So wish me luck Blog Land because I will sure need it. I am going into a style of writing I thought I’d never get into. All for growth and for kicks. So far I’m having fun, and isn’t that the point? Plus one of our members tends to bring free beer — it’s really a give and take atmosphere, don’t you think?

Let’s do this.




What are your thoughts?

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