Washing-tons of butts

I have no written in a while because I am being blessed with a lot of work right now. I feel  gracious and energized.

But just because I can’t leave my artsy-fartsy blog all blank with a plain hello, here’s an interesting person post about me.


Interesting Person Post: The Broken Peruvian/Cali Woman-Girl Strolls Aimlessly in Washington DC

I walked around Washington DC with a broken heart. It was my third day there (Friday of last week to be exact), and I was alone. I had a steak at The Capital Grille, went to the National Museum, and walked around trying to feel like a tourist. No luck; everything about DC felt like a place I knew before. Strange. I got a haircut and tried to nerd-out at The Academy of Science Museum for a bit, but I still felt…broken. I won’t bore you with the details of my drama, but I will say that it was a life changing experience.

I wondered if this feeling of “brokenness” will someday seem insignificant. I daydreamed about taking a train to New York and meeting up with old friends. I poked the borrowed hotel umbrella against the pavement as I wiped off the sweat from my brow wishing the feeling of shock would dissipate. Move on, I told myself, onward and etc. etc. etc.

My DC experience was a huge life lesson for me. The best part about my conflicted state of being is that nobody noticed. Everyone in DC went about their life not minding my confused gaze. I thought to myself I was you yesterday but today I care too much.

The lady who washed my hair at the beauty salon didn’t notice, the lawyer I had coffee with didn’t notice, the waiter who brought me burnt meat didn’t notice, the museum security guard who yelled at me for walking in with an umbrella didn’t notice. We all exchanged smiles and frowns and went about our merry way.     Maybe all of them noticed, and I was having an out of body experience.

Flash-forward to now — work has kept me busy and active.  I am happy. I know what keeps me happy and I am smiling. I am working hard AND it feels good to be home in California. DC served as an experience. A really really tough hard experience that made me realize the following:

1. If you’re going to work hard on something, make sure your names on it.

2. Just because the steak costs $30 doesn’t mean it’s good.

3. Trust your intuition.

After all that jazz went down in DC, I can safely say I have never been so sure of myself. I even feel as if I am walking differently. I see now, I can do anything.

Fairies and farts to you all! Night.


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