Tall Green Leprechaun

It’s terrible Blog Land. Absolutely terrible. But every time I meet and Irish person I think about stereotypes. Like wow, magic! Or, this is my lucky day! Or…where’s me pot ‘o gold?! –and stuff like that.

It makes me wonder about character development.

Do we consistently trap our characters into personas who aren’t necessarily living to their full potential because we have some preconceived notion of what this character is like…based on stereotypes? …(Woooh!)     And if so, why do we do that? We live in a world where stereotype still exists, and for some bizarre reason we use it to navigate through our creative processes too.

This man, I am talking about, he’s a musician and a theatre worker. That’s all I know. I can leave the rest to my imagination, BUT I am on a mission to fight against stereotypes. Especially the negative ones. Geez, brain, you really need to clean out the attic. I pledge not to write a short story where he turns into a tall green leprechaun that grants all my wishes. I just won’t do it.


4 thoughts on “Tall Green Leprechaun

  1. To help wth the anti-stereotype… 🙂 MY Irish boyfriend is anything but “top o’ the mornin’ te ya”. He’s such a grumpy old sod sometimes that I think if he DID have magic leprachaun-ic powers, he would turn said “pot o’ gold” to “pot o’ shite” and say “hey, I’m Irish, this is what life is like for us every day!”
    So… he is my 6ft tall anti leprachaun.
    Though he does take his bread “bhuttered” and his 33rd birthday sounded somewhat like it was “turdy turd” 🙂


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