Hippity Hop


So I am trying this new thing where I take dance classes I normally wouldn’t, in order to challenge my thought process and therefore, eventually, ignite some brain power in me that could possibly develop telekinesis, or better yet — improve my memory. The telekinesis thing would be a plus.

Anyways a few days ago I learned about TUTTING. These hand gestures triggered the leg to go out, the foot to go in, the palm to go flat—to magnetize the other hand in to a heart move to something that slithers and etc. etc. etc.    Well, as you can probably tell by now, I am NO HIP HOP EXPERT.  And although I was overwhelmed by all the information coming at me — I was absolutely fascinated by the hip hop culture.

I dance mostly Modern and some African Caribbean and Sabar, but Hip hop is not my forté. I was definitely challenged.

Anyways, the point of this is — try NEW things out. Especially things that freak you out. Did my hippity hop teacher laugh at me when I did the wave…yes, yes she did. But I laughed too. “I love your body. It’s beautiful how you hold yourself up, BUT this isn’t ballet. Turn your feet in!”  Oh dance teachers. They are great at two things: making you feel inadequate, and encouraging you. The dance floor is a juxtaposition sometimes.

I came home that night full of fresh ideas, full of energy, and with a new sense of respect for hippity hop. The evening was a great source of FLOW. Have you heard of FLOW? Look it up!  It makes you happy. So anyways, this experience broke some blockage in me and inspired me to write by hand again. I wrote seven new short short passages in my old pseudo poetry book. It was like taking a breath of fresh air.

This flow thing is amazing, Reader. I suggest you try something new or something that scares you. You never know. It could inspire you to think outside the box.

One of my favorite YouTube Hip Hop Dancers: Lizzie Wicks

Tutting, the art of making sure your hands don’t separate from your body. :S


What are your thoughts?

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