Grandpa, Vegas, and the rest…


My grandfather made it to Vegas on December 29th, 2012. It was a monumental day for our Peruvian ancestry, and somewhere in South America my grandmother dropped her crochet needle when she felt a change in the wind…which more than likely occurred the moment my grandfather took a picture with two show girls on the strip.

Good grief! Blog Land, taking a grandfather to Las Vegas is quite the experience. I could share the bulk of the things we went through, but I’ll just give you some of the highlights:

INTERESTING PEOPLE POST:  My grandpa and Las Vegas

1. My grandfather was fascinated by the artwork in the hotels, so much so that we stopped to take pictures at nearly all the fountains in Cesar’s Palace. Oy!

2. After taking a picture with two show girls, my grandfather walked ahead and said, “Those gays were nice.”  I still can’t tell if they have Adam’s apples in the photo.

3. The men and women who pass out naughty cards at the corner of the streets gave my grandpa a nice stack of semi nude ladies. My little brother asked, “Grandpa, why did you accept those?” My grandpa replied, “Beautiful!”   Sometimes one word answers are just enough.

4. We got a suite because our reservation got mixed up, now our grandpa thinks we’re rich. That’s just a mental note more than a memory. I had to remind him later on that evening that the ‘suite’ life can be rented for just one night. Only in Ameruca.

5. My mother stepped out of the hotel the moment grandpa took a nap. Way to hide the gambling addiction mom! (Thought she did really good this time and only disappeared for 6 hours rather than 13).

6. While we were packing to leave the hotel my grandfather managed to unpack the mini fridge thinking it was stuff we had brought with us. We explained that we did not bring the mini vodka bottles, and the gentleman ignored us and opened up a little bottle to sniff the quality. “Bah! No esta bueno,” he said and put it back in the fridge.

Well, I could share way more things, but honestly, it’s the new year!

Happy New Year to you all in Blog Land. I hope your holidays were filled with funny awkward family moments like these. Because (let’s be real) the holidays would not be the same without the awkward moments. Long live Morenos!


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