Vegas Bound

Vegas Picture from Google

Tomorrow my family is going to wake up at 4:00am to make a four hour drive to Las Vegas, Nevada. My grandpa (who’s in town just for the holidays) picked Vegas over Disneyland.    I respect his decision, but I worry about the effect Sin City will have on him. He’s 78. The man has seen A LOT in his life, but nothing like Vegas. I hope the street advertisements won’t shock him too much.

Urgh….I just had some pollo a la brasa and inca cola with the fam. The soft drink has me a bit wired, and naturally I can’t sleep right now. Totally my bad.

I sit here in the small dinning room trying to collect my thoughts about our trip tomorrow, but realizing that I carry with me some anticipation/anxiety about Vegas. In the next room my sister watches Dangerous Minds, in the bathroom my little brother showers for the first time this week, outside my mother is doing some last minute laundry, and in the bedroom my stepdad just hit the hay.

I have to wake up in three hours and forty five minutes to wash up and drive the family in our caravan trip to Vegas. Wish me luck Blog Land, for I have a feeling I will have lots to report when I get back.


What are your thoughts?

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