30 Minutes Before Work

I have about thirty minutes to express something on this blog. Reader, I’ve been itching to share things with you, but the truth is the minute I start writing something I instantly delete it and say, “Not now.” What is that?    I tell you what that is, it’s super annoying, that’s what it is.

My brain has been occupied by non-writer dramas. Things that technically have nothing to do with me, but affect me nonetheless…because I am human being with a big huge mushy heart!

So I sit here, in a café across the street from my regular job (non creative work job, that is) trying to think about the holidays, but other  things occupy my thoughts…that national news today, that friend who lives in fear, that car who needs an oil change, that rent and deposit that’s due, that cold cold house.

I’m gone. In my head, I am in my winter/christmas-LESS vacation, in my brain. I have three more shifts before I get to go home to LA. I hope a shot of SoCal sunshine might snap me out of this weird feeling I have. I am gone. I am in a café…my head is floating, and I am gone.

Tragedy today. Work soon. Obama has the ability to make me cry. Hulu trailers suck. But I am going to ride this emotion, and not let it take over my life. I am going to ride the wave, until the next stage. Life is beautiful and wondrous that way.


What are your thoughts?

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