Sunny Surf town Santa Cruz

I was recently on a job at sunny surf town Santa Cruz. I’m loving life.

Interesting Person Post: The Lady I stayed with…
My boss got me to stay with a local artist, and I swear walking into her home was like walking into a Harry Potter character’s house. This woman is into Eastern philosophy, or something. She had crazy elephants everywhere. They looked like art pieces from India…but that was just based on some documentary I saw. And when I say, elephants were everywhere, I mean everywhere! The most amazing group of them were little crystal ones displayed in size order. They stood one behind the other on a ceramic television tray next to a love seat…that faced a wall.    Reminded me of a creepy babysitter I had when I was a little girl. This lady who kept mini golden covered statue of dolls. Weird…but, mind you, I like weird.

She had a jigsaw puzzle on the table that was an oversized design of a large dollar sign. That tripped me out. She let me stay on the third story bedroom, and it was really nice up there. There were portraits everywhere, stained glass windows, and beaded pillows with graphic designs from South America or Thailand.  Basically, I was thrown into another dimension when I stayed with this wonderful woman.

She greeted me at the door around 11pm, poor thing, I had just left a dinner gathering. She looked like a teacher I used to have in elementary school…except this lady was jolly. This lady, who let me into her home with open arms, looked like a hippy version of Mrs. Santa Clause. Must be something in the Santa Cruz water.

The People and The Beach…
Everyone here is smiley and chill. I bet this is what the French meant when they said that American’s give away their smiles. That’s all I get here. No apprehension, no questions, no second guessing….had an encounter with a couple of angry drivers, but that’s my fault for sight seeing from my car. Not a smart move to take pictures at 5 miles an hour on W. Cliff Drive.  And thankfully I was able to check out the coast, and bumped into their lighthouse, which was also the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum.

It was just such a beautiful day.



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