Dream, dream, dream…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting some pretty gnarly dreams lately.

But who cares, right?!

Dreams, nightmares, the other world—if you will—are AweSOME!! Why? Because I find that dreams have the power to inspire a spark in an artist. Once I woke up and wrote a song based on some words and images I remembered from a dream. I honestly believe that our subconscious holds a lot of truth to art. What I mean is, that our minds–during slumber–are not constrained or trapped in a world of PERHAPS, NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, or SECOND-GUESSING. Our dreams, nightmares, fantasies—well, they just GO FOR IT. They give us our fears, our desires, our peace of mind, our urgency, and our nostalgia.

So if you ever get stumped when you are creating, here’s a little thing I started doing in high school.

Sleep with a notebook or a pad of paper by the side of your bed. This should work if you are one of the lucky ones who can remember what you dream about. When you wake up write down what happened, or if you only remember glimpses write down the images/sounds/colors/smells/etc. etc. etc. —AND don’t censor yourself or try to make sense of it. Just write. Afterwards, cut up the words in small pieces of papers and thrown them on the floor. Open them at random and see what happens. You might surprise yourself. You might create something unexpected.

Day Dreams/ Night Dreams/Nightmares have helped me: 

1. Develop characters

2. Write songs

3. Settle arguments with people

4. Reconnect with my past

5. Empower me

6. Frightened me

I find that dreams are really great for inspiration. Whether its a poem you are working on, a painting you are waiting to understand, or a guy you’ve been crushing on for some time and you finally get to have your way with him…in your brain. Yeah, dreams are great!

Anyways, those are my thoughts for today.

I leave you with a classic.


What are your thoughts?

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