“My So Called Life”

Do you remember this show? If you were born in the 80’s, you probably do. It’s a show set in the 90’s, and it is about this angst-filled teenage girl growing up in a world of plaid and grunge music. Like, wicked cool stuff happens to her…and stuff.

I watched this show when I was a pre-teen. Not to date myself, but yeah, it was around that time. Frankly, this show frightened me because I had no idea what Angela’s problem was. She complained about not having this Jordan guy, then he kisses her and she freaks out, then he rejects her and she gets hurt, and then her parents have issues, and her little sister is neglected. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Yup. I started watching it again because it’s on Netflix (Shout out to my love, I love you Netflix!). Having this access to it has given me a chance to revisit certain psychological aspects of the characters/episodes. Even though I understand things on a different level now, I still feel there are layers and layers of this program that are brilliantly executed by the actors. This is done because of really good writing, of corse. Some things are predictable, but in a good storytelling kind of way. It just feels so real sometimes.

Anyways, the main point being. If you are looking to make a character who is not all together likable, but relatable and full of layers check out this show. Angela what’s-her-face is just filled with annoying traits that make her absolutely lovable and detestable. Same goes for her folks, they are a couple of great actors. But Angela — she is the epitome of this new phrase that’s been going around: “First World Problems”—yet, her problems are valid. Problems should not be something to compare and contrast with; that’s what makes characters (and character development) so fun. Anything can be a conflict!

Suffering is so relative. It’s the thing that stands in the way (the conflict) that makes a story.

Oh, the 90’s, how I miss thee.


What are your thoughts?

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