House sitting again…

I am in Temple City house sitting for a woman I’ve known almost all my life. She is much older than I–but an absolute pleasure to drink wine with. The local high school students call this city “Temple Shitty”, but honestly I don’t really know why. I mean, it’s kind of flat, boring/quiet, and there’s not much excitement going on I guess, but whatever! You are near all the important freeways that can take you to the city. Get over it. 

I am watching over her pets. She has: 3 dogs (large, medium, small in size), 2 cats (both feral), a fish (the only one that doesn’t give me grief) and a large chunky temperamental pig (who I am sure has thought about eating my toes by now).

My favorite thing about watching over someone else’s house is sitting on their chairs, is listening to their iTunes, is smelling their flowers, is talking to their pets/plants, is looking at their family photos propped on their chimneys, is reviewing their fridgerator magnets to see what food they like to have delivered and admire their decor.     This is because I get to enter another world. This works for writers best when they are developing new characters and new worlds. Maybe you want to create a person who has certain routines they like to repeat while they are at home. Already the music I’ve been listening to (while writing this post) ranges from Holiday Christian songs to The Girl from Ipanema sung by Stan Getz. I feel older, mature, settled, content and ready for a glass of red wine.

Maybe I’ll name this character Beula.


What are your thoughts?

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