Apes, Monsters & Teenage Boys

My little brother is going through that stage—you know, the teenage/grosshood years. I am home in time for this wonderful event. Just a few days ago, my family and I celebrated his thirteenth birthday — and since then, the transformation from child to smelly pubescent teenager has been happening before my eyes.

Notes when developing teenage boy character:

– He probably forgets to wash his hands after using the bathroom.
– He believes “Whatever” is a response to all the questions in the world.
– Girls make him act like an ape (girls of any age). For example, at a restaurant he can’t sit still and finds it appropriate to challenge his friends on who can reach the ceiling with a single jump.
– He randomly gets the urge to ask awkward and annoying questions seconds before you decide to go out for the night. He does this in order to delay you (a revenge tactic for whatever you may have done earlier that day).
– He pretends to care about chores just to get out of doing homework.
– His friends take precedence.
– He believes deep down that his career in basketball is inevitable.   :/

I can go on for days, but the video below blends childhood and teenager qualities quite well. Why is it that my little brother is now resembling apes and monsters in old monster films? Damn hormones. HE stinKs!


What are your thoughts?

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