The big RED

Red is a brave color. There is a rich background behind the hue, and it is quite impossible to runaway from the provocative implications that are associated with it. Associations like: sex, hot, spicy, flourish, vagina, Xena Warrior Princess (90’s television show reference, if you don’t know it–don’t talk to me), femme alien from outerspace and of course the bloody curse. There are more, I am sure. If I’ve missed anything, feel free to write me.

Here I sit, with this nail polish before me. Tempting and lustrous as the bottle is, I know once upon my body I will be carrying with me all the implications that I have mentioned before. For that frightening reason, I am afraid to put it on. For that reason, I want to put it on. I struggle with bold colors like this. I won’t say, I’m just not that girly! No, no–that’s stereotyping! I mean drag queens wear red nail polish too, not just girly girls. The truth is I am just not that brave enough, sometimes. I struggle with femininity, you see? This is a small step I am going to take towards embracing that side of me. That brave womanly side of me who doesn’t care when people judge her red finger and toe nails. To those people I will say Ayi-ayi-ayi-ayi-AYI-AI!!! 


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