The Passive Aggressive Ones Make for Interesting People

You know what’s really interesting? Passive agressive people.

Here are things I notice about passive aggressive people that fascinate me: 

1.) They pretend to be okay, but the twitching of the eye gives them away.

2.) They like to talk about what’s bugging them, and make it seem like it’s not bugging them. You can tell usually because they tend to repeat words like, “I know!”, “U-huh”, and “You are so right.”

3.) They smile a lot when they are uncomfortable.

4.) When you come up to them, they look away and walk to the other side of the room.

5.) They usually show their aggression through small bursts of violence like: throwing a pencil on a table, letting a door slam shut, swinging their hair so it hits you in the eye as they walk away, interrupt your conversation…etc. etc. etc.

…Usually it seems like they are seconds away from imploding. Especially when they are interacting with others. It’s quite a show to watch. Quite a show. I enjoy P.A. People. They are too fun.


What are your thoughts?

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