Grey Mornings in L.A.

Los Angeles this morning feels like the the Bay Area during a lunch break, or like a Parisian mid-rain afternoon. It also reminds me of July’s in Perú (their winter), when I would be writing a song or an essay in my grandmother’s house, and she’d bring me quaker and camote frito. Yum! Pretty grey mornings make […]

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To MFA or not to MFA…

I go to the library today – (yes, on a Thursday, like any normal nerd would) – to get the insight on the most recent news about fashion, computer stuff, poetry and literature. These days I’ve added Forbes to the mix, just for the thrill of it.  Is this what it means to grow up? […]

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Little things

Sometimes I am in my home, trying to write peacefully and my husband (oh yeah I’m married now) barges in with some distraction: what are you doing? are you hungry? do you want to go for a drive? And it usually happens when I am at the epitome of a discovery in one of my […]

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The dreaded rewrite

There is one thing I really dislike in theory. Cutting up my words and making things shorter than I had originally intended them to be. It gives me anxiety. And this is especially true with playwriting for me. However, when I sit in an auditorium and hear my words reflected back at me – I […]

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You’re so f*cked up!

Hello Blog-Landia! I have not written in a while. I am quite aware. However, I have been doing a lot of writing outside of this blog. Mainly for theater, which is a very happy circumstance. Why? Well, because I also happen to Act. So writing for the stage has been quite the fun adventure for […]

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in awe

I am in absolute awe of my colleague writers. They have been performing at local open mics, and frankly it’s been inspiring me to do it too. I don’t really do public readings, but I suppose there’s a first for everything. Wish me luck Blog Land.

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Little to know, much to now

The more I encounter and speak with published, or even successful television writers. The more I realize that it’s just a jungle out there. It’s a world where there are so many voices, so many individuals pulling and pushing each other to get their material read. I mean, it’s a frenzy out there. To say that […]

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I am trying to be better about deadlines. Tomorrow night, the pre-final draft of my play is due. I think I may also submit a couple of more pieces just to throw it in the mix. Writing original comedy is a scary new thing for me. Earlier in the summer I did an episode of […]

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